Welcome to Russia, a land of contrast, rich and wild, where mushroom picking is considered an art in its own right.

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In Russia, immense forests stretch as far as the eye can see, untouched by human activity, living at the pace of Nature and its inhabitants. Depending on the latitude, deciduous trees or conifers forge the landscapes. Here the land is particularly generous and pours out almost miraculous harvests: ceps, girolles, boletes and milk-caps cover the ground and we often find ceps so enormous they look like they come from a fairytale.

Perhaps this explains why wild mushrooms have fascinated the Russians for centuries. The harvest here is considered an art, to such a degree that it is called “the hunt for mushrooms” and in Russian culture, the excitement of the “search” far surpasses the pleasure of picking itself. If you lend an ear, storytellers will perhaps tell you about these mushroom hunters who risked their life for a memorable pick.